Successful Commercial Mediation by Accredited Mediators, Spyros Antonelos and Eirini Matsouka (Athens Chamber of Small & Medium Industries press release)

A successful Mediation took place in a company dispute at Athens Chamber of Small & Medium Industries (ACSMI). Mediators were Spyros Antonelos and Eirini Matsouka, Resolve partners.

ACSMI, which has a Mediation Service, is the first Athens Chamber that supported the Mediation extrajudicial dispute resolution process under Greek Law no 3898/2010. For this purpose ACSMI founded, along with the Athens Bar Association, Mediators Training Centre called “AKKED – PROMETHEUS“(, in which more than 400 Mediators have already been trained.

Mediation provides parties involved in a dispute with a short and confidential process, adapted to the needs of modern entrepreneurship and the intricacies of each case.

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