Spyros Antonelos Mediator, Trainer honorary participation to Weinstein JAMS Fellows week 2017

Honorary Distinction for the Greek Mediator and Trainer, “RESOLVE Mediators” partner, SMEs Mediation Centre Director and MEF University (Istanbul) Mediation Instructor Mr. Spyros Antonelos his invitation to the 2017 “JAMS Weinstein Fellows week”, in which he spoke on the 5th of September to this year’s JAMS Fellows on the ways to succesfully develop mediation practice and steer their careers and animated today various mediation workshops with Serbian Mediator and JAMS Fellow Blazo Nedic.
Mr. Antonelos, who also was a Weinstein JAMS Fellow in 2013, has spoken before a distinguished international panel of mediation champions from countries such as China, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Finland and Brazil.