Spyros Antonelos

Spyros Antonelos is co-founder and partner of RESOLVE.

He is an Attorney at Law and a CIArb Accredited Mediator, amongst the first Greek mediators to have been accredited (in 2008) and the most experienced in Greece.

In accordance with the provisions of the Greek Law on Mediation no 3898/2010, Spyros is included in the Hellenic Ministry of Justice Accredited Mediators public List.

He is also a Trainer in Mediation for Mediators and Lawyers.

As an Attorney at Law, Spyros:

  • Has substantial experience in the legal support of Greek and foreign companies and physical persons in Commercial, Banking, Family and Land Law cases; parallel to his mediation practice and mediators training services, he is the owner of a Law Office and a practicing Attorney at Law (www.antoneloslaw.gr).
  • Has worked in Legal Services of big Companies in France and Greece, in Law Firms in Scotland and Greece and for the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Has participated in the Lawyers International Exchange Program “European Young Lawyers Scheme” on a British Council scholarship; the Program included a detailed UK Law study at the University of Edinburgh and a training at the legal service of Law Firms. Spyros trained at Maclay Murray and Spens in Glasgow.
  • He has successfully completed (Hons) four years of Legal Studies at the Paris II Panthéon Assas French Law School and is the Holder of a European Commercial Law LLM of the said Law School.

He has work experience in English, French and Greek and is fluent in all.

As an Accredited Mediator, Spyros:

  • Is a leading figure of the mediation practice in Greece under Law no 3898/2010, amongst the most experienced mediators in the country. Parallel to his practice, he advises companies, chambers and his fellow lawyers on the efficient use of mediation in their contracts, internal regulations and procedures as well as in their practices in general. He has participated in a considerable number of civil and commercial mediations in the U.S.
  • Has further trained in 2013 at the Pepperdine Law School (Malibu – CA), on a Weinstein JAMS Fellowship and is familiar with both the European and U.S. Mediation models.
  • Is a Judge and a Mediator every year since 2013 at the ICC International Mediation Competition in Paris.

As a Trainer in Mediation for Mediators and Lawyers, Spyros:

  • Officially introduced to the Athens Bar Association the idea of constituting a Mediators Training Centre, in March 2011; he also decisively contributed in putting this Centre in place, as a member of the relevant Bar’s Task Force for the following two years. This work led to the constitution of the Athens Mediators Training Centre “PROMETHEUS”, of which he is a Trainer in Mediation for Mediators and Lawyers.
  •  Ηe has co-created with Eleni Plessa and Irene Matsouka the 18 hours Training Programme for Lawyers that accompany and represent their clients in Mediation (Advocacy Training Programme) and has been training with his two fellow trainers Greek lawyers since October 2015 in PROMETHEUS.
  • He has been certified as a Trainer by the Dutch Organisation “DIALOGUE BV” in workplace mediation.  RESOLVE has developed a WORKPLACE MEDIATION PROGRAMME which is implemented in companies and organisations according to each one’s individual needs.
  •  He has international training experience and has trained judges in mediation both in Cyprus and France. He has also organised mediation training workshops for mediators in Turkey.
  • Has participated in various important Greek and International Conferences as a Speaker and in hundreds of mediation advocacy presentations before Bar or other Associations members; he organizes and presents, since June 2011, the “Introductory Seminars on Mediation” taking place at the Athens Bar or at its Mediators Training Centre “Prometheus”. The said seminars were also presented in 15 other Greek cities. More than 3.500 Lawyers and entrepreneurs have attended them in Athens and more than 2.000 professionals around Greece. He is regularly invited to speak to Judges at the Hellenic Judges School, in Thessaloniki.

As an Author, Spyros:

  • Has written, along with fellow Mediator  and Trainer in Mediation for Mediators and Lawyers Eleni Plessa, the well known Mediation Book in Greek called “Mediation in Civil and Commercial Cases: International Experience and Greek Implementation”, published by Sakkoulas Law Editions (www.sakkoulas.gr).

In School Peer Mediation, Spyros:

  •  Has completed the Advance Training in School Mediation of Piraeus Mediators Training Centre (KE.DI.P) and American Accredited Trainer Dr. Jamie Walker.
  • RESOLVE has developed a complete program for the prevention of violence in schools of every educational level, under the name “MEDIATION EVERYWHERE”.
  • In collaboration with Municipalities, Educational Establishments Directors, Teachers and Professors as well as pupils and students implements School Peer Mediation Programs in private and public schools.
  • He participates as a speaker, in public presentations promoting School Peer Mediation.

Other qualifications:

  • He is a Member of the Hellenic Ministry of Justice Mediators Accreditation Committee.


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