Theodora (Nora) Syriou

Theodora (Nora) Syriou is partner of RESOLVE.

As a Mediator, Nora:

  • in accordance with the provisions of Greek Law on Mediation no 3898/2010, Nora is included in the Hellenic Ministry of Justice Accredited Mediators public List. She is an experienced mediator in civil and commercial cases and a member of the Hellenic Mediation Society (ELPIDIA).

Nora has been retrained:

– in Family Mediation-level: advanced (KE.DI.P – Dr. Jamie Walker – Mary Damianakis).

– in School (Peer) Mediation (KE.DI.P – Dr. Jamie Walker – Mary Damianakis). She has participated as a speaker in presentations relevant to School (Peer) Mediation in collaboration with Municipalities, Educational Establishments Directors, Teachers and Professors as well as pupils and students implements in private and public schools.

– in Community Mediation, as a Dialogue Facilitator from the international team of Mediators Beyond Borders International.

– in Conflict Resolution at Workplace (Workplace Mediation) – (DIALOGUE BV, The Netherlands).

– according to the American model of Mediation of California in the Pepperdine University – Programme: Mediating the Litigated Case, 2014).

As a Trainer in Mediation, Nora:

  • is certified by Piraeus Mediators Training Centre (KE.DI.P) and the Dutch Company “Toolkit Company (ADR Training and Consulting, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)”.
  • has been certified as a Trainer by the Dutch Organization “DIALOGUE BV” in Workplace Mediation and has co-created with the other RESOLVE trainers a Workplace Mediation Programme which is implemented in companies and organizations according to each one’s individual needs.
  • has jointly developed with the RESOLVE team Accredited Mediators and Trainers in Mediation a complete programme for the prevention of violence in schools of every educational level, under the name “Mediation Everywhere”. She has, therefore, trained Secondary public school teachers on communication, conflict resolution and Mediation techniques.
  • participated as a speaker to the 22nd Scientific Congress of Hellenic Medical Students & 10th International Forum of Hellenic Medical Students and Junior Doctors presenting Medical Mediation according to the Greek medical reality and the Greek medical legal framework. Furthermore, she presented along with Mediator and co-partner Spyros Antonelos a medical liability case Mediation, attended both by students and doctors.

As a Facilitator and a Dialogue Facilitator Trainer, Nora:

  • is a trained Dialogue Facilitator by the International Team “Mediators Beyond Borders International Team” (2013-2015).
  • has participated as a speaker and presented a workshop to the International Conference of Mediators Beyond Borders: “Dangerous Dialogues and Courageous Conversations”, in Bucharest (2015).
  • facilitated private dialogues (between individuals) in conflicts concerning human relations which have no financial requirements and public dialogues among team members (8 – 10 people) and/or organizations (NGO).
  • has trained Dialogue Facilitators, after having completed the training required as a Dialogue Facilitator Trainer from the International Team “Mediators Beyond Borders International Team” (2013-2015).
  • has trained teachers of Secondary public schools in Dialogue Facilitation, as a form of dispute resolution.

Further training in dispute resolution techniques:

  • in the Art of Non-Violent Communication (N.V.C.)

– in Parenting – Frank Gähsler (2014).

– in Mediation – Robert Kržišnik and Marjeta Novak (2015).

As a Lawyer, Nora:

holds a LL.B (Hons) by the University of Keele, England in Law, Sociology and Social Anthropology and a LL.M in Legal Aspects of Medical Practice by the Cardiff University, Wales. Her working languages are English and Greek.

She is a Court of Appeal Attorney, registered in the Piraeus Chamber of Lawyers since 2004. She holds a Law Office in Nikaia, Peiraeus. Her area of expertise is private (contract, family, property, medical) and commercial law. She has worked in law firms in England (Manchester), as a law student, and then in Greece, and she disposes of an important judicial experience.