Tuba Bilecik

Corporate and Civil Law Attorney (Istanbul Bar Association, 2004),

Accredited Mediator (Turkish Ministry of Justice 2014),

Weinstein JAMS Fellow 2017,

Weinstein International Foundation (U.S.) Mediation Senior Fellow.

Ms Bilecik is one of the pioneers of Mediation and one of the most experienced Civil and Commercial mediators in Turkey, with domestic and international experience in a broad spectrum of cases.

Her clients range from individuals, family businesses and SMEs to large international companies and company groups. She is known for her strong commercial awareness, perseverence, ability to diffuse tension and handle complex matters in a way that makes the parties comfortable and empowers them to make informed decisions.

As an Attorney

Since 2004, Ms Bilecik has developed her private practice as a civil and corporate Attorney handling disputes in a variety of commercial sectors such as the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry and a wide range of civil cases ranging from property development to family matters.

Ms Bilecik has expertise across numerous industries, including IT, e-commerce, construction. She has served numerous IT companies, e-commerce companies, property management companies, property owners, contractors, subcontractors, service providers, sectoral associations and various other businesses.

From 2009 to 2015, she has served as the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Indeks Group, Turkey’s market leader IT products distributor companies. Through her role, she worked on a wide variety of matters, ranging from corporate and transactional law to international and domestic commercial contracts, employment law, tax law, consumer law, intellectual property and compliance issues. In addition to this role, she has served as the Secretary of the Board of Directors and a member of Corporate Governance Committee. From 2015 onwards she acts as an external legal advisor for the Group.

Furthermore, since 2014 and her accreditation as a Mediator, she is assisting businesses and individuals in effectively resolving conflicts and disputes through A.D.R. both as a lawyer in mediation processes and as a mediator.

She possesses a strong sense of commercial acumen and the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with executives and employees of all departments of any organization. She has the ability to convey complex legal issues in a way that is understandable to non-lawyers.

Ms Bilecik combines excellent strategy development and implementation skills with a strong moral compass and the ability to look at any problem from multiple vantage points.


As an Accredited Mediator

She regularly mediates a wide range of commercial disputes; her strong business background allows her to understand the dynamics of any negotiation and the deeper needs of the parties. She is registered in the Turkish Ministry of Justice Mediation Department’s Public List of Mediators as well as the List of Expert Mediators in Employment Disputes and has a rich experience in successfully mediating the settlement of such disputes.

She was a member of the working group on mediation legislation, providing recommendations for amendments to the Turkish Mediation Law for the review of Turkish Ministry of Justice.

In addition to her commercial mediation and dispute resolution practice, she has served as the Project Coordinator and Mediator for the first Community Mediation Center in Turkey. As part of her role, she has coordinated the work of 10 mediators as well as providing mediation services for the center.


International Awards and Affiliations

In 2017, she was awarded the prestigious Weinstein JAMS Fellowship for A.D.R. Professionals.  U.S based JAMS, is the largest commercial mediation provider worldwide. As part of her JAMS Fellowship, she participated in mediations at several JAMS offices in California and at the San Fransisco Superior Court and successfully completed the following trainings:

  • Pepperdine University Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, advanced mediation training in accordance with the Californian mediation model.
  • University of California Hastings College of Law, an intensive training in designing and implementing dispute resolution systems for private and public entities.
  • JAMS Foundation Advanced training.

She is a senior Fellow at the Weinstein International Foundation, a non-profit international organization dedicated to making mediation available and accessible worldwide. (https://bit.ly/2RQzJbo)

Since 2016, she has been participating as a Judge in the annual ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris every year. She is also mentoring young professionals from different industries as part of a Young Business Person Mentoring Program. Her mentorship focuses on assisting young professionals in increasing their leadership skills, in managing their disputes efficiently, and enhancing their ability to build and maintain better relationships through efficient communication.

Further to her rich professional background and international experiences aforementioned, Ms. Bilecik has an acute analytical ability, strong respect for others and an infallible commitment to assisting them in reaching a mutually satisfactory solution.

She serves as a member of advisory boards, working groups and scientific commitees in domestic and international organizations, actively working on the promotion and the development of mediation in Turkey and internationally.

Ms Bilecik is a RESOLVE Mediators Associate since 2018.


Legal Practice Areas:

Ms Bilecik is providing legal advise and legal representation before Turkish courts in the following fields:

  • Business litigation
  • Insurance coverage
  • Employment law
  • Tax law
  • Construction and real estate law
  • Professional liability
  • Personal injury
  • Intellectual property law


Mediation Practice Areas:

Ms Bilecik has succesfully mediated numerous disputes, domestic and international, in the following fields:

–     Business and partnership disputes

  • Contract, product liability disputes
  • Intellectual property, trademark and licensing disputes
  • Real estate disputes, construction defects
  • Insurance coverage claims
  • Insolvency
  • Personal injury and torts
  • Employment disputes, including discrimination, wrongful termination and employee compensation.