Welcome to Resolve

Welcome to RESOLVE™, a Civil Company which was created to implement and promote Mediation and ADR

The Mediators of RESOLVE™ would like to invite you in a tour around www.resolve.gr . Please feel free to contact us to provide you with more detailed information and to answer any of your questions in relation to Mediation and Dispute Resolution.

Nowadays, Mediation and other forms of Dispute Resolution allow globally to:

  • Resolve private civil & commercial disputes with the direct input and mutual agreement of the parties involved in a fast, confidential and cost effective manner,
  • without going to the courts and,
  • by binding effect equal to court rulings (enforceability).

In Greece, Mediation:

  • has been established by Law No 3898/2010,
  • is supervised, as to its implementation, by the Hellenic Ministry of Justice
  • is used as a safe and quick alternative and complementary to the judicial process for the resolution of a private law (civil or commercial) dispute.