The fields of our expretise and activity

  1. Providing with Mediation services.

RESOLVE Mediators regularly mediate in Greece, in Civil and Commercial Law disputes; they have also participated in Mediations abroad, in the USA and the United Kingdom.

The fields, in which they provide mediation services are Business Law disputes (with significant experience in disputes among partners in Family Companies), Commercial Law disputes, Intellectual Property disputes, Labor, Banking and Medical Law cases, Family and Lease disputes, as well as all other civil law disputes that come under the Mediation process according to the Greek Law 3898/2010.


  1. Informing about Mediation (under Greek Law 3898/2010 and European Directive 2008/52/EC) and promoting it as well as other means of extrajudicial dispute resolution.

RESOLVE Mediators and Trainers have co-organized and delivered public presentations in hundreds of workshops, conferences and seminars informing Lawyers, Judges, Citizens, Businessmen and Merchants about Mediation, in cooperation with Bar Associations, Municipalities, Chambers and the Greek Ministry of Justice. They are also collaborating regularly with various Greek and International Organizations, within the framework of Mediation promotion events.

Since June 2011, RESOLVE Mediators and Trainers have delivered more than 130 3-hour “Seminars for the Introduction of Lawyers to Mediation” at the Athens Bar Association and 18 other Bar Associations throughout Greece, which have been attended by more than 6.800 Greek Lawyers, familiarizing them with Mediation and their role in it.

Moreover, Spyros Antonelos, Eleni Plessa and Eirini Matsouka, have written, coordinated and acted in an informative video called “Simulation of the Resolution of a Lease Dispute through Mediation”, of the Greek Ministry of Justice and “AKKED Prometheus”, the Athens Bar Mediators Training Center, informing Citizens on Mediation merits.

Last, but not least, RESOLVE Mediators promote the advancement of science involved in Mediation, whether Legal or related to Negotiations, through the writing of articles and scientific research.


  1. Training of Mediators and Lawyers in Mediation (under Greek Law 3898/2010)

RESOLVE Mediators and Trainers Spyros Antonelos, Eleni Plessa and Eirini Matsouka, have trained approximately 450 Greek Mediators since 2012 as trainers in the Mediators Basic at Prometheus, the Athens Bar Mediators Training Center. All above mediators have been crucial in the founding and operation of the Centre aforementioned as members of an Athens Bar Association Committee, which undertook to implement these steps on behalf of the said Bar.

Furthermore, Mr. Antonelos, Ms. Plessa and Ms. Matsouka have together created and provide an 18-hour full Training Program in Mediation for Lawyers, which teaches them the theoretical and the practical aspect of their role in Mediation. The said program is presently delivered at “AKKED Prometheus”.


  1. Promotion of Peer Mediation for the prevention and resolution of School Violence and the Training of Teachers in it.

RESOLVE has created a complete Training Program in Peer Mediation “MEDIATION EVERYWHERE” which allows the Training of Teachers of all levels in Peer Mediation and its application in Private and Public Sector Schools as a means of prevention and resolution of disputes arising within the school community.

The Program “MEDIATION EVERYWHERE”, which is harmoniously implemented together with all other programs of violence prevention that may already be used in schools, aims at the Training of Teachers as Peer Mediation Coordinators; the said trained coordinators are then able to:

  • Train a specific number of students as Peer Mediators within their schools for the resolution of disputes among their classmates.


  • Familiarize all students with effective communication techniques, as well as with the development of social skills and, prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts and social skills.

Furthermore, the Program “MEDIATION EVERYWHERE” assists in the effective dispute prevention and resolution between parents, teachers, and the school administrations.


  1. Workplace Mediation services and Company Executives training in workplace disputes prevention and amicable resolution.

RESOLVE Mediators and Trainers are Certified Trainers of the Dutch Training Entity DIALOGUE BV. RESOLVE Trainers have created a Workplace Mediation training program. The program is adapted to the specific needs of each business and entity. It includes executives training and the elaboration of a comprehensive strategy for the effective prevention and resolution of workplace conflicts.

RESOLVE Mediators also regularly perform Mediations in group or individual disputes among partners, executives or employees in organizations and businesses, re-establishing positive working environment and cooperation between team or department members.

RESOLVE mediators advise companies in the planning and efficient implementation of a Dispute Prevention and Resolution Strategy, adapted to the needs of each company or organization. They also train executives in skills to efficiently implement this strategy, allowing companies to lower their dispute volume and increase their productivity and employee satisfaction.


  1. RESOLVE has rich expertise in Mediation and Extrajudicial dispute resolution. It is the Greek partner in many international mediation networks and is represented in their conferences.