RESOLVE MEDIATORS is a Proud Sponsor of the 17th ICC Mediation Competition.

In “RESOLVE Mediators” we are proud to participate in the 17th ICC Mediation Competition as a Sponsor. This is the second year in a row that we get to have this great honour.

This year the Competition will be held on line and it will last from the 7th until the 15th of February 2022. Eleni Plessa, Mediator Resolve’s Partner and Mediator will take part as a Judge and Irini Matsouka, Resolve’s Partner and Mediator, Sofia Kyrama, Resolve’s Associate and Mediator and Angela Botrou, Resolve’s Associate will take part as Supervisors.

The Competition is organized on an annual basis in Paris. The contestants are groups of students from Universities from all over the world who participate in Mediations as the parties and the lawyers of the dispute. Experienced Mediators from all over the world take over the part of the Mediator. The Judges are also experienced Mediators who keep the score based on specific criteria set by the Competition’s Organizing Committee. The Competition lasts for 8 days, the academic level is very high and the opportunities for scientific discussions, networking and professional training are unique for all the participants of the Competition.

Good luck to all the Teams, the Organising Committee and the Professionals that take part in the Competition.
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