Working meeting between Hon. Judge Daniel Weinstein (Ret.) and Greek Law Firms on the 17.10.17

Hon. Judge Daniel Weinstein (Ret.), the World famous Mediator and founder of  JAMS, spoke yesterday at Theocharakis Foundation Athens, to an audience of the most important Greek Law Firms senior partners and partners on the potential for development that Mediation represents, along with well-known Greek Mediators, Lawyers and Trainers Spyros Antonelos, RESOLVE Mediators partner ( and Dimitra K. Triantafyllou (DeltatotheEpsilon partner).
The Working meeting between D. Weinstein and the Greek major Law Firms partners had two parts: one on the topic of Winning strategies in Mediation, in which such strategies from his illustrous career in the US and internationally have been presented along with Greek mediations relevant examples presented by the two Greek mediators and Weinstein JAMS Fellows. The second part, under the title Where do we get Mediation from here?, was an in-depth dialogue engaged with the representatives of the Law Firms on ways to develop the use of mediation from them and their clients.
D. Weinstein, using examples from the biggest international mediation cases he has mediated, some of which involved thousands of parties (such as class actions) and his experience of founding and developing JAMS, the largest mediation services provider worldwide, analysed why mediation is beneficial, in the US and many other countries around the World, to individuals, the protection of the environement and companies of all sectors such as Banks, Insurance companies, Hospitals, Commerce and the Maritime sector.
The event was sponsored by the “Papastratos” Company.





(On the photo above you can see: Mr. Leonidas Tolis Legal Consultant of PAPASTRATOS S.A., Mr Daniel Weinstein and the RESOLVE Mediators partners Mrs Eleni Plessa, Rena Matsouka and Spyros Antonelos.)

(Mrs Dimitra K. Triantafyllou, Mr Daniel Weinstein and Mr Spyros Antonelos)

(Mrs Eleni Plessa, Mrs Lila Bakatelou, Mr Daniel Weinstein, Mrs Rena Matsouka, Mr Spyros Antonelos, Mrs Vasiliki Skordaki and Mrs Dimitra K. Triantafyllou)