Article written by Vassiliki Koumpli, RESOLVE Mediators Associate, concerning Law 4512/2018

“In January 2018, the new Mediation Act (MA) was enacted, replacing all former legislation and constituting now the sole legal instrument regulating mediation in Greece. The MA repeats and enhances the pre-existing legal framework whereas, at the same time, it introduces two significant innovations: a) the establishment of the Central Mediation Committee and b) a mandatory initial mediation session for limited categories of cases. Such provisions, to the extent that they contain mandatory elements and, in effect, particularize the process, signal a further step towards institutionalization of mediation. Following the current international trends, mediation in Greece is being gradually transformed from an inherently voluntary and informal process to a pure regulatory tool aiming at saving resources in the administration of justice”

You can read here the whole Article written by Vassiliki Koumpli, Lawyer – Accredited Mediator and RESOLVE Mediators Associate, titled: A further step towards institutionalization of mediation in Greece, Recent developments after Law 45122018 that was published in the Yearbook on International Arbitration and ADR 2019.