Scientific Textbook – “Mediation in Civil and Commercial Cases – International Experience and Greek Implementation»

As authors of the first scientific textbook on Mediation in Greece, we attempted, with our book, to portray the theoretical and practical sides of a process with a long ancient history and contemporary use, with a Greek as well as a universal ethnicity that has made a significant contribution to quick and precise dispute resolution on an international level, in addition to playing a major role in promoting social cohesion and entrepreneurial spirit.

The textbook, which is addressed to lawyers, mediators, entrepreneurs and all people interested in becoming acquainted with Mediation, is composed of three different approaches:

  • A historical one, which reviews the traces of Mediation’s birth and evolvement through time and space,
  • A geographical one, which is focuses on Mediation’s utilization by the communal legislator (EU Directive 2008/52/ΕC) and by foreign legislators (Italy, U.K. and the State of California in the U.S.A.) for resolving disputes faster and relieving the courts of their high congestion of cases.
  • A procedure focused one, which analyzes a mediation procedure step-by-step in accordance with the provisions of the Greek Law on Mediation no 3898/2010, the Mediators’ Code of Conduct (M. D. 109088/2010) and other specific statutes’ provisions.

There is also an array of sample agreements and other significant documents, used in a Mediation process so as to be effective and legally enforceable, given in the textbook.

We wish you an enjoyable read and we would be happy to receive your feedback.