Eleni Plessa

Eleni Plessa is one of the co-founders of RESOLVE MEDIATORS along with Spyros Antonelos and Eirini Matsouka and has been a partner since 2014. She is an attorney at law, a member of the Athens Bar Association since 2003, a CIArb Accredited Mediator­ since 2010 and one of the first to be included in the Hellenic Ministry of Justice Public List of Mediators. She is also a Trainer in Mediation.

Experience in Mediation

Eleni has pioneered the introduction and implementation of Mediation in Greece since 2010 and has participated in Mediations in the UK in 2012 and in Greece since 2013. Today, she has taken up numerous Mediations as a Mediator both in Greek and in English language and she is quite experienced, apart from other fields, in complicated commercial law cases. At the same time, she has conducted a very large number of Initial Mandatory Mediation Sessions. As early as 2012 one of her mentors, the internationally renowned Mediator Nicholas Pryor had said: “She has a clear talent for the process and an instinctive understanding of how it can work and how one can discover and manage the peculiarities of human behavior in a dispute”.

Experience in Training

Eleni is a very experienced Trainer. She participated in the establishment of “Prometheus”, the Athens Bar Association Mediators Training Center. Since the inauguration of Prometheus, she participated as a Mediators Trainer in its training program until 2015. She co-created with her partners in RESOLVE the first 20-hour Mediation Advocacy Training Programme in which they have trained hundreds of lawyers so far in collaboration with the Athens Bar Association, Prometheus and Sakkoulas Publications S.A.  She has also co created with her Resolve partners a School Mediation Training Program and a Workplace Mediation Program.

Since February 2022, she has been training Mediators in the Training Program of Aegean University in cooperation with The Mediation Lab.

Eleni has been participating in the ICC Mediation Competition (International Chamber of Commerce) since 2013. In 2015, 2020, 2021 and 2022, she has participated in the Competition as a judge. Since June 2011, she has repeatedly and selflessly co-presented the three-hour ‘Introductory Seminars on Mediation’, along with Spyros Antonelos, at the Athens Bar Association, as well as, at many other Bar Associations nationwide. What’s more, she has organized and presented, together with Spyros Antonelos and Eirini Matsouka, Mock Mediations in the Athens Bar Association and other Bar Associations and has lectured widely on Mediation in various Conferences all over the country. She has also participated either as a judge or a trainer in numerous workshops, students’ competitions and seminars.

Experience as a lawyer

Eleni has been practicing law since 2003 and in November 2010 launched her own law firm (Papanicolaou, Tsimpourakis, Plessa, Matsouka & Associates), while she also serves as an external legal counsel for numerous companies and organisations. She specializes in Commercial (Corporate Law, Contract Law, Industrial Property) and Civil Law (Family, Inheritance). Her working languages are Greek and English.

Entrepreneurship – Women Empowerment 

Eleni robustly supports entrepreneurship and women empowerment. She is a Vice-President and Legal Consultant of “I for U”, and she has collaborated with “Women On Top” and “Women Act”. She has also participated as a Trainer and a Mentor in a lot of Conferences such as “Live a Legacy”. She has written one of the 100 stories included in the book “Dangerous” (“Kleidarithmos” Publications).


Eleni has co-authored with Spyros Antonelos the first scientific book published in Greece regarding Mediation with title “Mediation in civil and commercial matters. International Experience and application in Greece” (ISBN: 978-960-568-096-1), published by the Legal Publications Sakkoulas Athens – Thessaloniki (www.sakkoulas.gr).