Advantages of Mediation for Parties involved in disputes, Entrepreneurs and Lawyers

Parties involved in disputes:

• In a climate of trust and confidentiality parties in a dispute are assisted by the Mediator to express themselves, to negotiate, to identify their    real interests and to resolve by agreement their dispute. Stress and animosity is also expertly handled by the Mediator so as not to become an obstacle to negotiations and to their progress towards dispute resolution. This settlement agreement can under certain conditions obtain the binding force of a court decision.
• They can find themselves a solution to their dispute, within one working day and not after years of litigation, as it is usually the case in court proceedings.
• They control the outcome of the process; they can all benefit from a mutually agreed solution and not to be exposed to the risk of a negative and one sided court decision.
• Return to working, non – adversarial relationships, which can even lead to new collaborations.
• Do not pay various tax stamps and others expenses imposed on court proceedings.


• Resolve themselves their disputes, assisted by their Lawyers and the Mediator and can focus undistracted on their business activity and growth.
• Participate in a process which is mainly based on negotiations and, therefore, familiar to them.
• Control the result of the process and make business decisions.
• Return to working, non – adversarial relationships, which can even lead to new collaborations.
• Protect the reputation and sensitive business secrets of their company as the Mediation process is confidential by law.

Lawyers in Mediation:

Have a crucial role to play in Mediation and the benefits gained from such a process are various:

• Have a mandatory participation in the Mediation process, accompanying their clients, who are parties in a dispute and advising them throughout the Mediation (Article 8 of Greek Law 3898/2010).
• Prepare their clients for their strategy in the assisted negotiation process that is Mediation.
• They provide expert advice and support to their clients during all phases of Mediation (preparation, participation, Mediation agreement and settlement agreement drafting).
• Work in well organized and solution promoting environment.
• Adds a new field to their legal practice.
• Are remunerate for their services in a short time and their remuneration does not depend taking place or not from external conditions such as court hearings.
• Give swift answers to their clients’ needs, who shall be satisfied and recommend them to others.

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