“Mediation in civil and commercial cases: International experience and Greek implementation” Book by Spyros Antonelos and Eleni Plessa

The Mediation Book in Greek written by Mediators Spyros Antonelos and Eleni Plessa, published by Sakkoulas S.A. Law Editions
ISBN: 978-960-568-096-1
By writing this Book on Mediation, which is the first detailed Greek scientific book on the topic, Mediators Spyros Antonelos and Eleni Plessa have exposed the theoretical and practical aspects of an institution that is very old but knows various modern applications, has both a Greek and an ecumenic identity and a growing impact in dispute resolution, in the development of social cohesion and in the facilitation of entrepreneurship worldwide.
This book, which is written for lawyers, mediators, entrepreneurs and whomever wishes to know Mediation, follows three approaches:
• A historic approach, which starts with mediation’s birth and continuous development in time and in space,
• a geographic one, which covers its support by the european legislator (through European Directive 2008/25/EC) and by various foreign national legislators (in Italy, in the U.K. and in the U.S. State of California) so as to promote quick dispute resolution and court decongestion,
• and a procedural approach, through a step-by-step analysis of a mediation process as provided by Greek relevant legislation (under Mediation Law 3898/2010, Mediators Ethics Code in Ministerial Decision 109088/2011 and other more specialized legal provisions).
Agreements and other documents specimen, which are important in a Mediation process are also included in the Book in order to guide through the process and its effective and lawful completion.
Both authors wish you an enjoyable reading experience and are looking forward to receiving your impressions and thoughts.