Resolve Mediators’ Short Presentation

Here you could see a quick presentation of who we are:

“Resolve” is the distinctive title of our Civil Company, created to implement and promote Mediation and A.D.R. It has been co-founded by Mediation Specialists, Accredited Mediators and Attorneys at Law Spyros Antonelos, Eleni Plessa and Irene Matsouka.

Our founding team works together since 2011 and what brought us all together and continues to drive us is:

  • Our devotion and commitment to Mediation as well as our long experience in its implementation in Greece, being amongst the first and most active to have promoted and developed it in the country, since 2008,
  • Our important practical experience of its implementation, which we have known in both our country and abroad. After having participated in important mediations in the U.K. and the U.S., we implement it as Mediators in Greece,
  • Our very rich contribution to the familiarization of citizens, companies, lawyers and judges with Mediation and A.D.R. in Greece and abroad, by organizing and delivering -from 2011 to today- hundreds of seminars, mediation simulations and mediation advocacy presentations, in collaboration with Bar Associations, various other Professional Associations and Chambers; our seminars and presentations were followed by more then 6.000 people around Greece; last but not least, we regularly contribute to the international debate on mediation through our participation in international mediation conferences as speakers,
  • Our crucial contribution to the implementation of Mediators Training in Greece, through the long standing collaboration of our founding team with the Athens Bar Association and the Small and Medium Companies Chamber; Mr. Antonelos, Mrs Plessa and Mrs Matsouka have been advising both the Bar and the Chamber on mediation training since 2011, on the one hand by operating as members of their Task Force for the constitution of their common Athens Mediators Training Centre called “PROMETHEUS” and on the other hand, by being members of its Accredited Mediators Trainers Team,
  • Our research on Mediation and its development, manifested through our participation in Mediation Experts Groups, our articles in various scientific reviews and the Mediation Book written in Greek by our co-founders, Mediators Spyros Antonelos and Eleni Plessa and published by Sakkoulas Law Editions, which is the first book in Greek analysing foreign mediation models and comparing them to the Greek one as well as covering the legal framework of mediation in Greece along with its practical implementation, and last but not least,
  • Our important contribution to Mediators Training in our country, through the introduction of high quality foreign basic and advanced Mediators Training and our active participation in their delivery to young mediators; we also contribute to the introduction of foreign training programs on other A.D.R. processes.

Spyros Antonelos has joined the WBG regional hub in Sofia, Bulgaria, in June 2019 and is the World Bank Group Mediation Officer for ECA (Europe and Central Asia) region. He is the first full-time Mediation Services staff member located permanently in the country office. Being exclusively employed by the WBG, mediating multicultural disputes, training its personnel in dispute prevention and resolution, facilitating group dialogue and promoting mediation in 23 countries, he is currentlya Scientific Advisor of Resolve Mediators offering his valuable help on a pro bono basis.