RESOLVE and School Peer Mediation: The Program “MEDIATION EVERYWHERE”

RESOLVE is always aiming at the promotion, information and familiarization of citizens and society with Mediation. To achieve this, RESOLVE actively supports School Peer Mediation implementation, through its program “MEDIATION EVERYWHERE”.
• RESOLVE promotes and implements School Peer Mediation in public or private establishments of all levels of the educational system and in cooperation with them participates in the promotion of dialogue and creative dispute resolution amongst Greek pupils, teachers and parents.
• RESOLVE makes public presentations on School Mediation with great success to pupils, students, teachers, professors and parents.
• Delivers School Peer Mediation trainings to teachers and professors of all levels of the Educational system nationwide.

What is School Mediation?

• It is a process which applies to school establishments
• in which specially trained pupils and students who act as Peer Mediators
• assist their peers involved in disputes or quarrels
• to communicate with each other in an efficient way,
• to listen carefully and understand each other,
• to discuss their problems together
• and resolve themselves in a creative and peaceful manner their differences


The Resolve Team having been trained in School Peer Mediation and contributed to the implementation of Peer Mediation in schools as a means of dispute arising in schools resolution; RESOLVE has created a complete Program on School Peer Mediation, which is applied in both public and private schools throughout Greece or abroad.

In which way RESOLVE’s complete School Mediation Program “MEDIATION EVERYWHERE” differs from already existing school mediation practices of some schools?

Until recently the effort to apply peer mediation in schools was made in Greece by teachers or professors in an empirical manner.

Providing to these pioneer efforts additional valuable scientific knowledge related to Mediation process and principles and to their implementation in peer mediation programs RESOLVE’s Program “MEDIATION EVERYWHERE” goes a step further: It is based on the idea that the integration of School Peer Mediation is an integral part of a complete educational strategy, in which the whole school community (teachers, professors, pupils, students, parents and other professionals) is involved.

RESOLVE’s Program “MEDIATION EVERYWHERE” completes efficiently the already existing methods of school violence prevention within (and outside) schools and contributes to creating a culture of creative, collaborative and non – violent dispute resolution.


• Is addressed to schools that wish to implement a complete School Peer Mediation Program as a means of preventing and tackling school violence and bullying and operates in complementary efficient manner with existing other means already applied in schools.
• Involves the entire school community: teachers and professors, parents, pupils and students who get trained as Peer Mediators by teachers and professors already trained or by us.
• Can be implemented in schools of every educational and is adapted to each particular school needs.
• Helps prevent and resolve disputes between:

• Pupils/Students (Peer Mediation)

• Pupils/Students and Teachers/Professors

• Teachers/Professors

• Parents and Pupils/Students

• Parents and Teachers/Professors

Which is the added value a School gets from implementing RESOLVE’s Program “MEDIATION EVERYWHERE”?

The implementation of RESOLVE’s Program “MEDIATION EVERYWHERE” benefits all people participating in school community and contributes mainly:

• In the creation of a dispute prevention and peaceful resolution culture
• In Teachers’/Professors training in new skills related to i) neutrality, ii) in Mediation process and dynamics, iii) generating creative dialogue, iv) and non-violent communication.

• The prevention and the effective resolution of disputes.

• The use of School Peer Mediation approach not only within school disputes but also in disputes arising out of schools. In this sense, the Program benefits the whole society.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on RESOLVE’s Program ”MEDIATION EVERYWHERE” and in order to organize an information event in your school or in your municipality.

*** Please note that training in School Peer Mediation is not and should not be confused with Mediators Training under Greek Law no 3898/2010 on private dispute resolution, which is conducted exclusively by specific training centers by law, following which Mediators undergo an Accreditation process exclusively conducted by the Greek Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights.

Moreover, the training provided by us in School Mediation does not enable, in any way, trained Teachers/Professors to train themselves other adults in School Mediation; it enables them only to train their own pupils/students, with our support, as School Peer Mediators in disputes amongst other pupil/students.

Adults are only trained in Mediation by Mediators Trainers following specialized additional training and Accreditation.